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Frequently Asked Questions - Spherical Washer

Why should I use a Spherical Washer?

As the Vibracon® supports a four degree angular difference between the mounting base and the machine, the bolt which is to be tightened through it will emerge at the bottom at the same angle. To counterbalance this SKF Solution Factory - Marine Services advises the use the Spherical Washer.

What sizes does the Spherical Washer come in?

Spherical Washers can be delivered for all bolt sizes that are also available for Vibracon® chocks.

Are there any class society rules on the use of Spherical Washers?

In most instances, class societies require the foundation to be level. This means the foundation either needs spot facing, or a spherical washer should be used.

Why should I buy Machine Support’s Spherical Washers?

With many other Spherical Washers in the market only one of the two parts is spherical and the other is conical. This implies you just have a line contact instead of a full contact area. Our spherical washers have been designed, just as the Vibracon, to keep full contact in all circumstances.

What materials are Spherical Washers made of?

Standard Spherical Washers are delivered in high grade alloy steel (AS) DIN 1.7225. At request however, Spherical Washers can be made out of different materials. For more information please contact the Sales department.