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SKF Middle East Seminar Tour!

We cordially invite you to an SKF seminar on 'Precision alignment & its applications, magnetic bearings and the new self-aligning roller bearing'. The seminar will take place on several locations in the Middle East between 22 November and the first of December 2011.

This is an overview of the subjects:

Precision laser alignment

- turbine alignment

- motor alignment

- diesel engine alignment

- gear box alignment

- kiln alignment

- roll alignment

- oil rig leg alignment

- propulsion alignment

- cardan shaft alignment


SKF magnetic bearing technology

Magnetic bearing application in:

- turboexpanders

- turboexpander for sour gas applications

- integrated motorized compressors

- sealed motorized compressors

- flare recovery compressors

- expander generators

- heavy gas turbine generators

- micro gas turbine generators


Self-aligning roller bearings: improved wear and contamination resistance

Applications for mining & cement, material handling, steel, aluminium, industrial transmission, pre-heater and marine.


Please take a look at the complete invitation below. Send an e-mail to Arjan van Driel to register.


Inventation SKF Middle East Seminar Tour