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US Navy approval

In February 2010 we received the formal approval from the United States Navy for our Vibracon® mechanical adjustable chocks.
This approval for all US Navy surface ship, aircraft carrier and submarine types was only given after extensive tests and analyses in the laboratory and in the field since 1999 (see the Vibracon® shock testing news item for an example). This approval will open the door to all US Navy applications and is another step forward in our relationship with the US Navy.

We are also in the middle of the process of getting certified for alignments using strain gauge technology on board US Navy vessels. A big advantage of this alignment method is that it can be done with the shaft in place, which saves time and can give more accurate alignment results. The unique combination of jack up/shaft load and strain gauge measurements on board, and our ShaftDesigner software makes it possible to provide this alignment.

With an open shaft/dismounted couple flanges it is possible to take gap/sag measurements. Line bore measurements with laser alignment equipment can be taken when the shaft is removed. We can provide alignment services in any situation using one or a combination of these alignment methods.

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