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Frequently Asked Questions - Steelshim

Why are Steelshims the ideal shims for your machinery?

The use of shims when aligning machinery is often unavoidable. Using Steelshims saves you from having to cut you own shims. Not only is this normally a time consuming operation, but it also takes away the risk of injury. With a full case of Steelshims you will always have the right shims available whenever you need them.

What size Steelshims exist?

Steelshims come in sizes starting from 0.05 mm thick and go to 2.00 mm. There are many sizes in between. Combined this means you can fill any gap with 0.05 mm intervals.

Can I only buy Steelshims in a set or also separately?

Steelshims are offered as various arrangements including cases or separately. Any type of Steelshim which is ordered separately is delivered in packages of 20 pieces.

Can I choose what sizes Steelshim I order with a case?

The brochure offers some of the most common combinations of Steelshims that are supplied in a case. This however does not mean these are the only possibilities. Any combination of Steelshims you wish are possible. Please e-mail the sales department what combination you would like for a customized offer.

Out of what materials are Steelshims produced?

All Steelshims are made out of solid, stainless steel. Steelshim types with thickness 0.05, 0.10 and 0.20 mm are produced of AISI 301 (1.4310). The other types are produced of AISI 304 (1.4301).