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SKF Solution Factory - Marine Services has extensive experience in providing services and products to various industries. With the focus on alignment services, SKF Solution Factory - Marine Services further developed its service portfolio in order to offer complete solutions to a wide range of problems concerning machine alignment, mounting, chocking and on site machining.

The exact alignment of machinery is a problem that has not always received the attention it deserves. There are however many reasons to have your machinery aligned as accurately as possible. To start off with misalignment of machinery leads to more wear of the components such as gears and bearings. Also, a properly aligned installation will produce less vibrations and thus less noise. Finally because the installation will have a lower resistance, energy consumption will reduce. It is therefore a good idea to have your alignment checked, whether you have a new installation on one that has been running for some time. For some installations, besides the advantages mentioned, an accurate geometric alignment is vital for a proper functioning. Examples are the parallelism of the rolls in paper and steel mills.

SKF Solution Factory - Marine Services has the capabilities to measure your alignment using the latest technologies including laser, strain gauge, 3D laser tracker and dynamic measurements; calculate the optimal alignment using shaft alignment software; realign it and chock and mount the installation using the strong, adjustable, re-usable Vibracon® chock, Steelshims for the smaller gaps, epoxy resin such as Epocast; helping your installation to perform optimally.

We are continuously innovating and expanding its portfolio in order to provide complete solutions to all your alignment problems.

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