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Alignment propulsion SKF Vibracon - machinery mounting chocks

SKF Vibracon mounting kit

The SKF Solution Factory - Marine Services SKF Vibracon mounting kit is a complete set of high quality components which allow accurate and fast installation of propulsion units and auxiliary equipment.

The set can contain the following items:

  • SKF Vibracon chocks
  • Foundation bolts
  • Fitting bolts
  • Nuts
  • Spherical Washers
  • Plan approval certificate of the classification society of your choice

We can also offer you the following options:

SKF Vibracon mounting kits are available for all majors manufacturers including:
Wärtsilä, Caterpillar, MaK, MAN B&W, Reintjes, Volda, ABB, Leroy Somer.

For the complete list of manufacturers please click here.