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SKF Solution Factory - Marine Services has been active in the Marine & Offshore sector since its founding in 1985. With the focus on alignment services, SKF Solution Factory - Marine Services further developed its service portfolio in order to offer complete solutions to a wide range of problems in and around any type of vessel.

We are well aware that down time for vessels can have severe consequences, which is why we have service engineering teams standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with alignment related problems. Services we provide include alignment measurements and realignments, on site machining, chocking and mounting of entire propulsion installations. Back at the office engineers provide support in the form of engineering services such as shaft alignment calculations and analysis, chocking plans for installations as well as Torsional vibration calculations.

Because we realize how dependent the Offshore industry is on its supply vessels we opened an additional service centre in the Gulf of Mexico, United States. Due to the amount of supply vessels we deal with we know what to do to get you vessel back in operation as soon as possible.

One of our tools to realign installations as soon as possible is the strong, adjustable, re-usable Vibracon® chock. This saves a lot of time compared to conventional metal chocks or epoxy resins.

SKF Solution Factory - Marine Services is continuously innovating and expanding its portfolio in order to provide complete solutions to all your alignment problems. Examples of this are dynamic alignment measurements and our ShaftDesigner software.

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