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Crank web deflections (crankshafts)

Even when the crank webs are known to be aligned correctly upon installation, the alignment can change over time due to for instance deflections in the machine base, worn support structures or changes in bolt tension. It is therefore important to have the alignment checked regularly. SKF Solution Factory - Marine Services has extensive experience in measuring crank web deflections in even the most challenging situations, anywhere in the world.


To check whether the loads on bearings are correct, SKF Solution Factory - Marine Services can perform jack-load tests. Thanks to our ShaftDesigner software it is also possible for us to cross-check this with theoretical loads, thus improving the loads and alignment of your installation.

Torque and Power

Making use of strain-gauge technology we are capable of performing torque and power measurements. Because we also measure real-time revolutions it is possible to measure the power at various speeds of operation. Torque measurements are useful to measure whether an engine is running at its power specifications.

Coordinates, distances and geometric shapes

SKF Solution Factory - Marine Services offers 3D-measurement services as part of our alignment services as well as for separate needs. Doing 3D measurements as part of our total alignment package is an important addition so we can take into account for instance warping of foundations. Also we can perform general 3D measurements for any application you wish. Examples of previous projects performed by SKF Solution Factory - Marine Services include measurements of building coordinates and the dimensions of machinery casings.

All measurements are performed by highly trained engineers. We make use of the following 3D measurement equipment:

  • Sokkia MONMOS Total Stations
  • Sokkia NET05 Automated 3D stations
  • Faro Laser Trackers
  • Faro Laser FOCUS 3D
  • Faro 3D Portable Measuring Arms
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