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Engineering services

Our experience in the field and specific company knowledge in combination with our cooperation with classification societies and OEMs have given us the expertise to offer you an extensive range of engineering services.

Shaft Alignment Calculation and Analysis

It is possible for us to create an FEM model of your entire propulsion train according to classification society rules with our ShaftDesigner software. You will receive a full report including all relevant information for the alignment of your propulsion train including:

  • Bearing loads
  • Bearing offsets
  • Bearing slopes
  • Bending stresses in the shaft line
  • Gap and Sag in opened couple flanges
  • Theoretical jackloads

The report will provide a step-by-step outline procedure for the correct alignment of your vessel including the offsets in multiple states, such as 'in dock', 'afloat empty, no MCR' or 'afloat warm, full MCR'.
We can also create a report of the optimal alignment of your propulsion train.

Please see the downloads here below for the required information for us to be able to make a:

Chocking Plans

We can calculate chocking requirements for all parts of the propulsion train. These calculations are in line with classification society requirements and will provide you with precise details on your specific needs.
We can also offer you a complete chocking solution by providing you with our chocking and mounting products and services.

Propulsion Install Plan

SKF Solution Factory - Marine Services's engineering department can offer you a detailed report on what the most efficient way is to install your propulsion train in the engine room of your vessel.
The report consists of a step-by-step plan, making sure the entire installation, from engine through gearboxes to propeller, can operate efficiently.
SKF Solution Factory - Marine Services can further assist in the actual installation process, or perform alignment checks on the installations once it is in place.

Shaft Alignment Calculation and Analysis Chocking Plan Propulsion install plan