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Alignment propulsion Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

SKF Solution Factory - Marine Services always works with professional, well maintained equipment in its service division. In order to always be ready to help our customers we make sure we have a large enough inventory. When available, it is possible to rent some of our equipment.

The equipment we have on offer for rental is:

Line Bore Equipment

DL Ricci QD Bore (up to 400 mm diameter)
Face Support QD Bore
Climax BB 5000 (up to 600 mm diameter)
Face Support BB 5000
Climax BB 6000 (up to 1000 mm diameter)
Face Support BB 6000
Climax Hydro Unit

Flange Face Equipment

Climax FF 5000 (127 mm - 610 mm)
Climax FF 6000 (356 mm - 1524 mm)
Climax FF 8200 (1143 mm - 3048 mm)
Climax FF 8200 + milling head
Circular milling (1150 mm - 4000 mm)

Milling Equipment

Climax LM 6000
(X-axis travel: 3048,0 mm)
(Y-axis travel: 609,6 mm)
(Z-axis travel: 203,2 mm)

Spot Face Equipment

MS SF (40 mm - 90 mm)

Drilling/Turning Equipment

Euroboor ECO 100
Fein KBM 80 Auto
Nut-runner Size 2
Hytorc Hydraulic Torque Wrench


Note: For most of the equipment a SKF Solution Factory - Marine Services service engineer is required.

Equipment Rentals foundation of the stearing gear