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3D measurements on board container vessel Johannes Maersk

In the beginning of December 2004 Machine Support went on board the container vessel Johannes Maersk at Damen Ship Repair Rotterdam. This 217m long vessel was built in 2001. The vessel was docked seven days for placing racks between the container platforms. The containers on board can be secured using these racks. They make sure that the containers will stay in place during heavy seas and bad weather. They also include power supply for the so called reefer containers. A reefer container has its own refrigerating unit for cooling, heating or freezing.

The work from Machine Support included the mapping of the supporting surfaces for the racks, using 3D measurement equipment. During the placement of the racks the positions of the racks were checked. With the 16 ton racks in place it had to be possible to open the hatches and to place all containers in between, leaving open only 20mm on each side.

The newest Maersk container vessels are already equipped with this type of platforms racks during new building. In January 2005 Machine Support will do the same job for sister vessel Jeppesen Maersk, which was also built in 2001

Online movie: 2:25 minutes (Windows Media Player)