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Machine Support services on world's largest dry bulk carrier

On the 20th of April 2004 we went on board world’s largest dry bulk carrier, called Berge Stahl. Hereby some numbers to give an idea how big it is; the ship is 343m long and 65m in width and can hold 360000 ton iron ore. The carrier is fully dependent on the port of Rotterdam, since this is the only port on the European continent that this ship can access with its 23m draught. The main diesel engine is an Hyundai – B&W 7L90MCE with an incredible 27610 horsepower and is three floors high!

Machine Support was asked to do the stern tube alignment. The work was successfully done within one day. After the shaft and propeller were installed, we did a shaft load reaction force test. For this measurement we have developed a fast and accurate system, which makes it possible to get a direct overview and report from the results. It is directly available in a digital chart and can be printed out at the same time. When all checks and repairs were finished, the ship left Rotterdam to go to Ponta da Madeira in Brazil. The Berge Stahl makes this trip nine till ten times each year.