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New training centre

Machine Support B.V. has opened the doors of its new training centre in Ridderkerk. The training centre has had a complete make-over in order to better offer our alignment, measurement and chocking trainings. We opened the centre by welcoming more than 30 SKF employees from around the world for an introduction to the marine alignment possibilities.

The centrepiece of the new facility is the full-scale propulsion train including an engine, high-speed shaft, gearbox and stern tube. It is fully fitted with SKF Carb bearings, SKF lubrication system, SKF OK couplings, as well as various Vibracon® and Spherical Washer configurations.

The training centre now provides a highly realistic environment where training can be given in horizontal and vertical alignment, flatness alignment, parallelism alignment and perpendicularity. 3D measurement and alignment trainings can also be offered, where it is possible to learn how to operate 3D laser tracker systems as well as tracker arms. The new centre also provides us with the possibility to provide trainings in on-site machining.

Machine Support B.V. offers custom alignment training programs of any level to individuals as well as groups both at our training facilities in the US and the Netherlands, as well as at a location of your choice.

For more information about training possibilities please contact Mr. Arjan van Driel.